Thrive Hive

A Community Supporting You On Your Thriving Evolution


Dear Client,

I’m amazed at the work you’ve already done to change your life.

Together, we shifted generational limiting beliefs, cultivated confidence, and developed self-love!

‍♀️ Spoiler alert…you’re not done. (we never are)

We learn and evolve in cycles, just like nature, just like our ancestors.  Thrive Hive is the space to support the work of your ongoing evolution.

Whether it’s creating your own business, advancing in your career, deepening your self-love, or transforming your relationships — I developed this offering to support you with continued coaching as you build on the foundation you’ve created for your thriving life.

As Women of Color and immigrants / immigrant descendants, systemic oppression has taught us to play small and not to believe in our power. 

And you already know, we ain’t about that here!

I’d love to continue supporting you to take up space and show up fully as the hero of your story.

Welcome to the Thrive Hive

A community to support your Thriving evolution

A supportive coaching experience that provides workshops, group coaching, guest experts, and a private community as you continue to evolve on your thriving journey.

What’s included?

1 new exploration/workshop per month (taught live with Q&A and coaching)​

2 60-minute group coaching sessions per month

1 co-working session per month

Guest expert speakers​

Accountability check-ins​

Private Mighty Network​

Access to explorations from coaching programs (and any updates)​

Total value = $750/mo


Bonus: 2 half-hour 1:1 sessions + 

2 months free


(6-month commitment required)

*monthly payment plans available for $195/mo

2021 Programming

Every quarter we’ll be focusing on a specific theme

Here’s a sneak peek into the upcoming programming…

Jan-Mar 2021: Leadership

  • Embodied Leadership workshop with Jennifer Kan
  • Building new Money Beliefs 
  • Social Justice workshop with Shengxiao “Sole” Yu

Apr-Jun 2021: Deepening our Self-Love

  • Body Sovereignty workshop with Alyssa Saquilayan
  • Rewiring negative self-talk
  • Increasing our capacity for joy



  • 2 half-hour 1:1 sessions
  • 2 months free
  • Schedule

    The Thrive Hive includes members from around the world!
    To account for members’ schedules, we offer multiple live touch points each month.

    • 2 group coaching sessions — 1 during the day, 1 in the evening (you can attend both!)
    • Guest speakers and live workshops during weekday evenings
    • Co-working sessions during the day

    *You also get access to all past recordings of workshops and coaching sessions.


    Bonus: 2 half-hour 1:1 sessions + 

    2 months free


    (6-month commitment required)

    *monthly payment plans available for $195/mo


    What if I miss a coaching call?

    Coaching sessions and workshops will be recorded for you to watch anytime!  You can also post a question or request for support in the private network.  I check it daily M-F and provide coaching there in-between our sessions.


    Why do you require a 6-month commitment?

    My main goal is to support you in creating a thriving life, whatever that looks like for you!  In order to do that, I’ve found that longer containers are more effective in integration and establishing mindsets and tools for the long-term.  They also help to create closer connections within the community.  The programming is intentionally designed to support deeper conversation and processing of each quarter’s theme.

    Want to connect?

    I’d also be happy to hop on a call with you!  Sign up for a 15-minute touch base below.

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