I believe that playing a bigger role in our own lives elevates everyone around us. I believe in abundance, love, and connection. I believe in you. And I believe that because I’ve seen the transformation in my own life.

I'm Nicole Cruz

A daughter of Filipino immigrants who didn't start out to host a growing coaching company. It was a journey, literally and figuratively. Here's my story...

Empowering 1st & 2nd Generation Immigrants

I believe in the amazing potential in people to grow, evolve, and make an impact in the world. 

I went from:

Not loving myself
Not believing in myself
Self-doubt ruling my choices
Making decisions from a place of fear
Playing small
Looking outside of myself for approval / acceptance
Thinking I was “not enough”
Feeling stuck
Being unfulfilled


Loving & accepting myself
Believing in my abundant potential
Quieting my self-doubt
Making decisions from a place of abundance
Playing big
Knowing I am the only one that needs to accept me
Believing in my innate goodness
Feeling free
Finding fulfillment daily

= Life-long Magical Change

I took massive Action...

In 2016, I quit my 6-figure corporate job, downsized my belongings to fit into a suitcase, and traveled the world with my husband for nearly a year. I completely interrupted the trajectory that I was on. For 10 months, I was pushed outside of my comfort daily. I stripped away all the external securities of my life — a home, a steady income — and I was forced to find security within myself.

I took a hard look at my limiting beliefs, my negative thoughts about myself, and how that was impacting how I was showing up in the world.

And then I got to work.
I worked at my transformation like it was my full-time job. I dove deep into my spirituality, shifting my mindset, trying new things, asking for help, getting training, and taking empowered action.

I stopped resisting my calling to become a life coach and jumped in. And it is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life.

Now, I am on a mission to help others move from fear and self-doubt to clarity and joy. I love being able to help others make their own transformations to love themselves, believe in themselves, and take action towards their dreams.

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I believe in you.

Your Dream. My Mission.

I’m on a mission to help immigrants and immigrant descendants live bigger, bolder lives. I believe that the more we are able to step into our true power and possibility, unapologetically, the greater positive impact on the world.

My favorites...

It's just #facts

The Princess Bride

Pork Sinigang - a sour salty tamarind stew from the Philippines




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Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Negroni - gin, vermouth, campari -- delicious!



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Meet the team

• Graduated with an MBA

• quit 6-figure corporate career

• set off to travel the world


This creation didn't happen overnight. It started with a drastic shift into the unknown. Here's our journey...

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