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I am a 2nd generation immigrant who believes in the amazing potential in people to grow, evolve, and make an impact in the world. My mission is to help immigrants and immigrant descendants live bigger and bolder lives, own their value and get clarity on their vision, and take empowered action towards their goals.

As Google celebrates Filipino American History Month, I spoke to their Filipino/a/x employees around the world on How to Overcome Fear and Doubt, including at the workplace.

Together, we learned, laughed, and shared our favorite Filipino dishes. The experience was truly humbling!

Mulesoft’s (a Salesforce Company) entire marketing team joined me in a virtual discussion on How to Reframe their Stories Around Rest & Joy so that they can integrate more of both into their everyday lives.

At FleishmanHillard‘s inaugural diversity, equity, and inclusion summit, I supported employees on mitigating burnout by shifting from Rest Resistance to Rest Liberation.

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Fear is a normal part of our lives, rooted in keeping us safe. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a form of oppression keeping us stuck, small, complacent, and blocks us from living a thriving life. Participants will walk away with tangible tools to move through fear and self-doubt so that they can take empowered action towards their thriving vision.

Moving Through Fear & Doubt


It can be difficult for people to allow themselves rest and a break from productivity, especially without feeling shame or guilt. It’s not until we understand why rest is so hard for us that we can actually integrate it into our daily lives with joy and compassion. Participants will receive tools to shift their beliefs about rest & productivity so they can integrate self-care and joy in their daily lives.

How to Integrate Rest & Joy


As a predominantly white industry, wellness is usually not inclusive of the struggles and issues that people of color experience. In these talks, I touch on destigmatizing mental health and presenting mindset tools that center the context of communities of color.

Wellness for BIPOC


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Rachel Tan

Strategic Programs Lead, Inclusion and Belonging

Organization Testimonials

"I had the honor of working with Nicole early in the pandemic. Nicole spoke to my Marketing team on the importance of rest, how to rest effectively, and how to bring JOY back into work and life. My team came away with knowledge and tools to effectively combat upcoming burnout. We still ask ourselves what brings us joy in our day-to-day. Nicole was awesome to work with, with a presence that put us all at ease. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and for other WOC on my team, provided a kind of representation they had yet to see before. I highly recommend working with Nicole and I can't wait to work with her again."

Francesca Weems

Vice President, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Global Lead of Race & Culture Media + Platforms Team

"Nicole recently spoke to DE&I leaders at FleishmanHillard's inaugural DE&I Summit (CampUs) this month and inspired our teams to live a more balanced, fulfilled life. DE&I work can be extremely challenging and you can feel like you lose yourself in the process, but Nicole reminded us to get back to what brings us joy so we can continue on the marathon ahead. Witty, insightful, fun and charismatic - Nicole is someone I recommend working with for inspirational speaking and coaching. People at our firm are still buzzing over her session."

Jamie Bui

Program Manager, Linguistic Testing

"In honor of Filipino American History Month, Nicole gave an hour-long online talk to 30 members of Google's Filipino community on fear and self doubt. She provided cultural context on these topics, tools to help the group reflect on and navigate them, and graciously shared her own experiences with fear and self doubt providing a personal layer to the conversation. Nicole provided a safe space throughout the talk by pausing to engage with the audience, receiving dozens of "+1s" and individual commentary. One attendee provided this feedback immediately after the session: "Nicole was super helpful. We need more of these. It was super valuable because we discussed real life situations that most of the group can relate to and it provided community building", and the session continues to be viewed after the recording was shared out."

Rachel Ruiz

Community Lead, Asians at Brex

"I invited Nicole to speak for the Asians at Brex Community about a very important topic: Rewriting the Asian Mental Health Narrative. For many of us, mental health, asking for support, and talking about our struggles are not welcome topics in our Asian families. The stigma surrounding mental health in Asian communities doesn't need to be a barrier to receive support. In this session, Nicole has empowered us on how to understand and accept ourselves unapologetically, and how to take care of ourselves. We were guided to explore our relationship with mental health in the context of our cultures and lived experiences. We walked away with tangible tools to integrate mental health into our lives. I'd love to partner with Nicole on future sessions!"

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Inspiring change makers of color

To Thrive Unapologetically

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