Moving from Survival to Liberation

Moving from Survival

to Liberation

Create your vision, a roadmap, and hear straight from others in our community who are creating liberated lives.



Living liberated sounds great but what does it actually look and feel like for our community? And how do we create it for ourselves?

Our lineages have spent generations in survival mode. So it makes sense that we have inherited their survival-based beliefs. However, our parents, elders, and ancestors did not make sacrifices so that we can stay in survival mode. I offer…

We are the generation that is meant for liberated belief-based living.

We are the ones that get to change the trajectory for our lineage.

And we don’t have to do it alone.

We’re in this paradigm-shifting journey together, as a community!

This event is truly by and for the community. We’ll be having real, honest conversations about our experiences as immigrant and immigrant descendants. We’ll support each other to envision possibilities for ourselves and our community. 

In this 90-minute Community Event, you will walk away with:

  • Feeling seen, heard, and validated
  • Real life examples from our community of how they’ve moved from survival to liberated living
  • A concrete vision of what liberation looks like for you
  • A roadmap of how to move from survival to your liberated vision
  • Cheerleaders who believe in you and understand your lived experience as a 1st/2nd generation immigrant


We hope you’ll honor us with your energy and your presence at this community event!

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