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Nicole has been a great coach. She is organized and intelligent with her responses and methodical with her practices, exercises and applicable resources, especially for someone like me who’s not so well-planned out. She’s sincere, cordial and very supportive, which make her the best “accounti-pal” to have on your side.

Nicole’s coaching came at the most perfect moment. I was at a crossroads between being stuck in my old way of thinking and being the amazing Marie I can be. I needed a little push and support to break through that. Her advice, support and exercises gave me so much clarity to move past the negative thinking to embrace and attain more possibilities. It’s the baby steps of “Showing up” or “putting on those shoes” that have made the biggest impact in such a short amount of time.

Professional Baker, Educator
Nicole’s coaching is awesome and, without a doubt, I full heartedly mean it. Thoughtful, engaging and inspirational are only a few ways to describe it—and I could go on. Truly one of the best motivational tools I needed to jump start my career.