How to Get Unstuck

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How to Get


Thursday, September 16th

5:00-6:30pm PT / 8:00-9:30pm ET


Do you feel stuck?

Are you in a place of “I don’t know” and indecision 

that keeps you in the same spot?

Or so afraid of failing (and succeeding) that you stay paralyzed?

Or maybe in a swirl around the “what ifs” and analysis paralysis that you don’t take action?

If you’re feeling that way, it’s okay and you’re definitely not alone in that “stuck” place.


When it comes to making our own choices or taking action (especially if it’s uncomfortable), it’s normal to not do anything.  The fear of failure, judgment, or doing the “wrong” thing can keep us stuck.  Sometimes it feels more comfortable to keep doing the same thing rather than do something different…even though you know you want something else.

Our lineage has a history of not feeling safe due to colonization and white supremacy culture. So it makes total sense that our instinct would be to choose safety in the familiar rather than stepping into the unknown.

Staying stuck protects us.

But it also keeps us playing small.  It keeps us from fulfilling the greatness that is in each of us.

So let’s get unstuck, together!


In this 90-minute Masterclass, you will walk away with:

✅ Cultural understanding of why we stay stuck
✅ Tools to listen to your own answers (instead of everyone else’s)
✅ Methods to get unstuck and take empowered action 
✅ A non-judgmental space with other women of color to build community

When we, as a community, get unstuck and take aligned action, 

the impact creates world-shifting ripples.

Our evolution and transformation requires action. And I would love to support you in that journey during this masterclass!


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