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Living Bravely Group Coaching Program

Join a supportive community of other women of color to overcome your fears, gain self-confidence, and take aligned action to live authentically.

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Living Bravely is a 4-month group coaching program specifically tailored for 1st & 2nd generation immigrant women of color

2021 Cohorts

Cohort 5

Starts this January

Enrollment Closed

(All slots are filled)

Cohort 6

Starts this March

Enrollment Closed

(All slots are filled)

Cohort 7

Starts this May

Enrollment Ongoing

(9 slots available)

Cohort 8

Starts this September

Enrollment Ongoing

(12 slots available)

Cohort 9

Starts on January 2022

Enrollment Ongoing

(12 slots available)

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I designed this program to give you the tools, support, and community you need to understand and accept yourself (just as you are), overcome fears and self-doubt, and take empowered action towards whatever you want in life.


Does this sound like you?

You hold yourself to a high standard and when you feel like you don’t meet it, you’re really hard on yourself.

You’ve been compared to others growing up and, as an adult, you keep comparing your journey to others.

Your self-doubt and fear keeps stopping you from taking action.

You’re not sure what your ultimate vision is and it’s difficult to dream big.

You feel like you lack self-confidence and aren’t sure how to gain more.

Your feel the heavy burden of family expectations and obligations.

If you found yourself saying, “yup, that’s me” to any of the above, this program was made for you.


As the daughter of Filipino immigrants, I know from personal experience the joys and struggles of being a 2nd generation immigrant.


You are in a unique position to break generational limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.  AND I know that transformation can be scary as hell!  What better way to go on this journey than with other women of color going towards the same destination?

I enjoy learning from other women of color, and hearing their experiences and dreams. It is empowering to see other women of color take action towards their dreams and it is refreshing to see women show up authentically and speak their truth. I also found it to be reassuring that some of my experiences as an Asian American were mirrored in others and that I am truly not alone in my journey towards self-growth.
Raisa B.

The Results

100% of my clients have increased their levels of confidence, self-compassion, empowerment, and take massive action.

“Nicole’s coaching has allowed me to understand and accept myself unapologetically in every way. Because of this program, I feel POWERFUL in being able to confidently speak my mind, and take action on my goals.”
Jeanelle C.
“When working with Nicole, she helps me realize a different and more positive perspective to life and encourages me to take action. I have gained some valuable tools that help me gain clarity on my vision and see the best version of myself. Our coaching relationship has shifted my mindset, belief system, and attitude towards my experiences. ”
Raisa B.
Being an Asian woman, I’ve never had to stop to explain any nuances of my upbringing and the values that come with that because she just gets it. We don’t have to waste our time explaining why I think the way I do about certain topics, it’s just unspoken.
Jennifer K.
There has been a massive shift in how I view my life. Through our work, I have been able to redefine success and learned that seeking fulfillment is a right of all of us.
I love working with Nicole because she is great about going deep without forcing much. There is an ease about her approach and a care to how she handles me.
Ji K.


What’s included?

  • An orientation retreat to connect with your fellow cohort members before the program starts
  • Two 1:1 sessions to use anytime during the program
  • Weekly group coaching calls (scheduled around your availability)
  • Coaching modules specifically tailored with our unique cultural experiences in mind
  • A private network for support in-between sessions
  • “Chat & Chill” hours to bond with other participants outside of coaching sessions


My client’s results in their own words


Hi, I’m Nicole

I have coached over 100 women of color to gain self-confidence, love themselves, and take action on their dreams.  I know on a DEEP level what this community struggles with AND, more importantly, the solutions to those struggles.

It’s my mission to help others in our community break free from fear and live bravely.