Creating Clarity Retreat

Creating Clarity


Saturday, December 4, 2021
at 8am-12pm PST / 11am-3pm EST

I’m ready to get Clear

We’ve been told all our lives to be a certain person, do certain things, fulfill certain expectations. But sometimes the path we’re told to walk down is not the one we actually truly want for ourselves.

And so we end up spending time and energy on a destination just to feel unfulfilled when we get there.

Do these thoughts resonate with you?

  • “But I already spent so much time on what I’m currently doing.”
  • “What I want isn’t possible for me.”
  • “My family wouldn’t understand if I changed my path.”
  • “I know I’m not happy doing what I’m currently doing but I’m scared to do anything else.”
  • “What I’m doing isn’t that bad.”

I want to offer… There is a better way.

And it’s okay to want something different.

In this half-day retreat, you will walk away with:

✅ Cultural understanding of why it’s difficult to dream and vision big
✅ Self-permission to want more or different for yourself
✅ Clarity on what you really want both short and long-term (not what others expect of you)
✅ A better direction of where to focus your energies in 2022
✅ A non-judgmental space with other women of color to dream big together

When you get clarity on what you truly want for yourself, you’ll be way more likely to actually create it.

Hi, I’m Nicole.

And I absolutely love supporting folx of color to get clear on what they want to create in the world. Because, I truly believe there is revolutionary power in all of us that is meant to impact the world in amazing ways. And y’all…

we need that power to be unleashed now more than ever!

I’m ready to get Clear

When I got clear on what I wanted, I transformed my life from:

  • moving through the motions of a job that drained me
  • Not feeling fully alive
  • Making choices based in fear and survival


  • Creating a career that fills me up, impacts the world, (and pays)
  • Feeling like I’m truly living a brave life on the daily
  • Making choices based on my truth and intuition

Creating Clarity not just helped me but helped so many of my clients…

Here’s what past clients have said…

I loved the way Nicole organized the explorations and we touched on nearly every topic I needed coaching on …and more! All of our calls were full of lessons and “aha!” moments and I appreciated the energy exchanges between everyone. It was a safe space to be vulnerable and to grow into who we want to be. During and after the program, I felt like I could dream bigger and live more authentically. I felt like the program found me at the perfect time and I’m so grateful for Nicole’s guidance, patience, and sense of humor as we work through heavy topics! It was truly a monumental experience for me.

Living Bravely became more than a life coaching program for me. It was a safe and supportive community for WOC like myself, which is so rare. I enjoyed meeting and connecting with other WOC and realizing we all faced very similar struggles.

The program has given me a valuable toolkit that continues to help me navigate change and uncertainty. Most importantly, I’ve learned to cultivate trust in myself and my decision-making, which is the biggest shift I’ve noticed since starting the program. I’ve recommended her to other WOC in my life!

I knew I had to unpack my generational trauma, but doing it on my own felt like writing a dissertation with alphabet soup. Not only was I lost as to where to start, I realize now how incredibly scared I was. My hopes and dreams scared the shit out of me. I knew claiming them would mean a huge life transformation and important relationships could change forever if I changed.

Nicole breaks down week by week new topics that are the stepping stones to gentle healing. By the end of coaching I went from not trusting myself to feeling confident in my abilities to give myself anything in the world. Nothing feels too far fetched or impossible. Nicole has given me tools to listen to my fear, create healthy boundaries, and hold love for myself.

I entered [Living Bravely] feeling extreme self doubt, lost, and scrambling to find some kind of direction. This program taught me how to stop playing small, living for others, and neglecting my soul, and instead trust in myself, be confident, and embrace my self worth. I can confidently say I have finally stepped into my power.

Living Bravely helped me become the woman I have always wanted to be!

You have helped us all bring our full authentic self to this program and cultivated a strong community of WOC that uplifts one another. Through my experience, I have gained the necessary tools to pivot my negative thoughts and biggest insecurities in order to make progress and become the best version of myself.

“Nicole opened my eyes up to a world of abundance, there is space for me and the world needs me for who I am.

By the end of the program, I found the things that brought me joy, I was able to define myself outside of my accomplishments, and I found a job with supportive leadership and 2x the pay!”

Living Bravely taught me that being brave doesn’t mean taking action without fear, it means having the conviction to move forward in spite of fear.

This program supported me in knowing myself more authentically, exploring the possibility of the future, and reframing my learned belief systems.

I came into this program feeling lost and unsure of who I am, influenced by people’s opinions about the decisions I make in my own life, and not feeling enough.

Coming out of Living Bravely I am empowered, I am worthy, I am enough, and I love myself. Before, I could never say those words and actually believe it, but now I wholeheartedly believe in me!

The exploration that I’ll probably hold me with for a long time and helped me find clarity was Feeling our Feelings.  I never realized that there are a lot of emotions i hold back.  Even though I consider myself a really happy person, I don’t actually physically know what joy felt like before actually paying attention to those signs.  
That tool of dropping into your body and feeling how everything feels when you think about the different possibilities or decisions that you’re making that helped me find clarity in myself.

I can not believe how much my self-confidence and clarity on who I am has shifted in such a short amount of time.
After the program, I am now using the tools to recognize when I am giving away my power and victimizing myself. I am recognizing when I am allowing someone to take up space in my mind and allowing others to take control of my thoughts, actions, and behaviors. I am continuing on my journey to reclaim my power, decolonize, discover, and connect to my ancestral roots. I am becoming the empowered, confident leader I’ve always wanted to be.



In this 4 hr virtual retreat, we will gather as a community of WOC to:

✅ Understand our own obstacles to dreaming big

✅ Support each other in exploring our dreams in a non-judgmental space

✅ Create visions that light us up

✅ Determine a plan of action to take in 2022 that will get us closer to our visions

Ready to create clarity so that you can move forward towards what you’re meant for?

Let’s do this!


You have the option of investing $297 upfront or splitting your investment over 2 monthly payments.

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I want to Create Clarity

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I want to Create Clarity

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I want to Create Clarity

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