- Jannel

"Nicole was amazing to work with! I had gone through a breakup, left a toxic work environment, and went through a friendship breakup. This program allowed me to truly SHED these experiences and not have them define me. Nicole opened my eyes up to a world of abundance, there is space for me and the world needs me for who I am.

By the end of the program, I found the things that brought me joy, I was able to define myself outside of my accomplishments, and I found a job with supportive leadership and 2x the pay!"


I knew I had to unpack my generational trauma, but doing it on my own felt like writing a dissertation with alphabet soup. Not only was I lost as to where to start, I realize now how incredibly scared I was. My hopes and dreams scared the shit out of me. I knew claiming them would mean a huge life transformation and important relationships could change forever if I changed. I knew deep down that I couldn't continue living in fear and self-doubt.

By the end of coaching I went from not trusting myself to feeling confident in my abilities to give myself anything in the world. Nothing feels too far fetched or impossible. Nicole has given me tools to listen to my fear, create healthy boundaries, and hold love for myself. If you feel stuck and need a little extra support, I cannot recommend Nicole's coaching enough!


Before I met Nicole, I thought I knew everything that I wanted to do and what my future looked like. When I started to question my purpose in why I chose this career and why I made certain decisions, I realized I was making choices out of fear of disappointing my family and not for myself.

Working with Nicole has empowered me to be courageous and to know that there are endless amount of opportunities out there. Her advice, support and explorations really opened up my eyes to a new perspective on life and what I thought I knew. Thank you Nicole for being that light in my life that has guided me through so much during our time together. I can't thank you enough for the great impact you've made on my life!


I came into this program feeling lost and unsure of who I am, influenced by people's opinions about the decisions I make in my own life, and not feeling enough. I didn't know that there was so much more going on inside me that Nicole, and my supportive sisters, helped me navigate.

Coming out of Living Bravely I am empowered, I am worthy, I am enough, and I love myself...now I wholeheartedly believe in me!


Having Nicole as my first life coach has been amazing! As a WOC, I felt that she truly understood where I was coming from and the struggles I've felt that I needed help with! I have learned so much about myself and experiencing it alongside my newly found sisterhood whom I trust will happily celebrate my wins with me and support me on my journey. Without Nicole's guidance, support and beautiful kick-ass faith + perserverance, I would not have known the many fears that were welled up inside me. She helped me bring them to the surface so I can face them head on.

I'm so so so thankful! I have come out a more compassionate, patient, and braver woman than I was when I first started; no doubts about it.


I joined Living Bravely during a transitional time in my life. Group Coaching is not like anything I've experienced before. I knew I needed healing, support, and community—and I received that and more. Living Bravely was a particularly special place for me to receive community care and helped me to feel more grounded and affirmed in my identity as a woman of color.

I learned to hold multiple complex truths at once: the difficulty of addressing intergenerational trauma and the joy of celebrating the beauties of my heritage. It's an experience you enter ready to receive with an open heart.


I entered Living Bravely at an interesting point in my life. I think the pandemic made a lot of us rethink the life we've been living and reflect on what we want. And so I came in a bit lost. Do I change my career, do I change my home, what needs to be done? What I learned in this space was more about how I navigate the world through my own lens, not exactly what I'm doing.

The program doesn't sugar coat...It challenges to understand our flaws and take responsibility for our decisions. I do know that I have a newfound trust in myself that I can get myself there. I've started the journey of understanding who my true self is and with that has come the trust that I will be ok. And with that trust, inner-peace, and self love, along with the community I have found, I really feel empowered and strong to create the life I want.

- lizzie

Thank you Nicole for being so supportive to me and the rest of Cohort 4 during our time in the LB program. You have helped us all bring our full authentic self to this program and cultivated a strong community of WOC that uplifts one another. Through my experience, I have gained the necessary tools to pivot my negative thoughts and biggest insecurities in order to make progress and become the best version of myself. I am still working on processing and applying the wonderful tools I've learned from the explorations, but I have more confidence in myself and what I have to offer.

I can move forward more authentically and unapologetically towards goals I have for myself now, especially since I believe that I am worthy of what I want for my life.


Living Bravely is a thoughtful, deep, and beautiful journey about truly learning about oneself from the inside out and how our upbringing in the AAPI community and the perceptions of ourselves keep us from fulfilling our potentials. I came into Living Bravely looking for clarity in my career, and I came out feeling deeply changed, introspective, empowered to choose me and prioritize me, and brave enough to make the changes I wanted to see in myself and in my workplace and life. There is more to come, and even deeper, challenging, and uncomfortable work to follow, but I know now, more than ever, that I'm brave enough to do it.


Two main factors stopped me from joining Living Bravely initially - the investment and what my family would think of my decision. Even though I could financially and responsibly take this leap, there was something inside of me that questioned and doubted my decision. Through Living Bravely, I discovered that the only thing that was truly stopping me from taking this risk to invest in myself and EVERY OTHER risk I've ever faced, was my mindset. I didn't trust myself and I lived in a mindset of scarcity. Working with Nicole has challenged this mindset and has helped me build evidence that I CAN be trusted and that I am responsible and capable of taking risks. This mindset shift has lead to real life action. Because I feel more confident, I act more confidently. I think this program is a great stepping stone for anyone who is feeling stuck or is wanting a change. Would 100% recommend and do again.


Before meeting Nicole, I didn't know how to ask for help, set boundaries, really feel my emotions, or rather, I didn't expect anyone to really understand my turmoils and just "get me." As a Chinese-Vietnamese-American, 1st gen, I've dealt with a lot of struggles growing up. In "American school" or just regular school, I was seen as too Asian but in Chinese school, I wasn't Chinese enough. And of course to my family, my generation was seen as too Americanized. My identity was pulled left and right, and I accepted my role in the family as a caretaker. These recent years I lost that identity when I no longer had the answers or the stability, I didn't know who I was, all I knew was that I wasn't enough and that I was a disappointment. I didn't have anyone to talk to or rather I was afraid to talk to those I love about my feelings because I didn't want to burden them. But Nicole acknowledged my feelings and told me that it was okay to feel, that it was okay to have downs, that it was okay to be me and that I was enough. That I am worthy. I am valid. Though the words may seem simple and something that someone else could say, Nicole brought a certain warmth and rekindled something I had inside and helped me find the tools I had inside. To say that I am grateful to Nicole would be an understatement.

I haven't felt like me in a long time but now I see a different me, a me that has a little bit more confidence, a me that is more accepting of feelings and emotions, a me that knows when to say no and set boundaries. Nicole helped me find the answers that was within me all along and these lessons I will continue to take with me for years to come.


Nicole is a master at her coaching craft because she helped me build the confidence and self-esteem I needed to be more present for my future clients. Nicole helped me get grounded and brought me back down to earth and reminded me that it is okay to feel my feelings. She has liberated me from deeply rooted intergenerational trauma and helped me create clear and healthy boundaries with my loved ones.


Nicole has been so wonderful in guiding me towards deconstructing unhealthy thought patterns and it has made more of a difference than she could know!


Nicole Cruz is an incredible life coach. I have just been a part of her Living Bravely Group, where I met several amazing women of color, who are all doing inspiring things around the world. As a Chinese American woman, daughter of immigrants, I felt that Nicole gave us the tools to rethink and change how we feel. The tools she gave us didn't judge our parents for the life that they led, but instead reminded us of the life they lived and how it's affected our own lives. As a filmmaker and storyteller myself, I've struggled with the meaning of being a leader and how to get through the film industry by being a nice and genuine person, and she's given me tools/methods on how to push through, and continue working towards my goals and dreams.


That first phone call was LIFE CHANGING and after a year of holding onto applications and feeling inadequate, I took a leap of faith and applied to the one law school I really believed in and I got in!

Nicole really helped me to quiet the external voices/opinions/advice I was receiving and really tune in to my wants and needs.

As someone who feels very connected to her family and her culture, I admit I often walk into As-Am spaces with skepticism. Too often I find that in the desire to assimilate or belong comes a resentment toward our cultures or our upbringing. Words matter. I found that the language Nicole used for her offerings and explorations were culturally sensitive and allowed for space to be thankful for, learn, and unlearn the tools that we learned to survive. Because of that, Nicole compassionately guided us in our journey of learning new tools to move "from surviving to thriving." It means EVERYTHING to be able to do this work with someone who is a brown Asian woman.

Nicole makes you feel seen and heard. She honors what you share with her and shares herself, too. Her belief and dedication to this work and to this community is a radical act of love.


I was always skeptical of life-coaches and life-coaching programs. The way that the industry have marketed themselves often left me feeling 'sold' to, and I've always perceived that for many life coaches, the motivation from their work came purely from wanting to fund their lifestyles (rather provided value). But working with Nicole and being part of the group coaching program changed all that—I realized that part of what I'd been craving was a community of women who understood my struggles (and a culturally sensitive coach). Nicole's focus on 1st and 2nd gen immigrant WOC makes her able to really hone in on those issues, and is what really sets her apart from other life coaches that seem to be all about marketing. My journey is far from over, but being part of the group coaching program gave me a toolkit that I know will be valuable in weathering whatever comes my way.


Nicole is an amazing listener, while also holding me accountable for getting to the root of whatever thought or mindset is holding me back. Her super power is bringing together women who have similar experiences & she helps me feel understood and supported in every interaction I have with her. She went above and beyond mindset coaching and shared her personal experiences to show that she’s human too and that she’s made things work out to live the life she wants for herself. Thanks for reigniting my passion & reminding me that I can trust myself, my network, and the world around me to work things out for the better.


I have been following Nicole on Instagram for a while and have been hesitant to join her group coaching. Even after our 1:1 I was reluctant to invest in myself and dedicate time to myself. 12 weeks later and I can not believe how much my self-confidence and clarity on who I am has shifted in such a short amount of time. I have recommended Nicole Cruz to my sister, close friends, and family and have assured them that it is absolutely worth the time and investment necessary to live and thrive.

After the program I am now using the tools provided by Nicole to recognize when I am giving away my power and victimizing myself. I am recognizing when I am allowing someone to take up space in my mind and allowing others to take control of my thoughts, actions, and behaviors. I am continuing on my journey to reclaim my power, decolonize, discover, and connect to my ancestral roots. I am becoming the empowered, confident leader I've always wanted to be.


Before I joined the Living Bravely program, I lacked confidence in myself, and was unclear on my vision. I felt alone. I felt lost. And as a daughter of an immigrant, I felt a lot of pressure to make my mom proud. But I didn’t feel proud of who I was. Now, I feel much more confident and in control of my life! I feel worthy, and that I am enough as I am. The Living Bravely program is special, a space I never knew I needed.

I hadn’t realized how feeling seen and heard by people who share similar experiences and feelings can make such a difference. The process of unlearning and unlearning isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it. And it helps to know that I am not alone. I am thankful to have met an amazing community of other women of color. And not only can I look to them (and Nicole!) for support, but I now know that I can also trust and look to myself, too. I discovered my inner mentor in this program, and learned lessons and tools that I will take with me the rest of my life.


The Living Bravely program was worth it all and I can't believe I ever hesitated when I was offered the opportunity to join. But now looking back, I understand why I lived the way I lived; based on fear, doubt, guilt. And now, investing in myself is no question. I never saw myself saying this but now I frequently say to myself "I'm worthy of time/investment/support/joy/rest/compassion."

As a Latinx Educator/Activist, devoted partner and daughter, I now live with a lot less weight on my shoulders and a lot less darkness in my life. Now when things get tough, I trust in myself, my wisdom, and experiences to get through it all. The Living Bravely program and the amazing coaching gifts of Nicole Cruz allowed me to find my inner light so that I can continue doing the work and allow my dreams to come to fruition on my own with the support of my Living Bravely family. I am the reason I love my life. There is so much more left to my story and I am truly ready, excited and motivated to take on my next endeavor!


Nicole is such a gem! The safe space she creates is so special and guides us in lifting the weight that we all secretly carry. It really is something to behold to be in a room with women who look like you, understand your experience, see you exactly as you are and embrace you. I love my network of women. I feel so proud of the growth I've made.


Nicole's program was something that I truly didn't realize how much I needed until I was in it. Her program gave me a space to be myself and build clarity on what I wanted for my future. The best part was that I was surrounded by women who understood where I was coming from and were even able to put into words things I didn't know that I needed work on for myself.

This experience was truly life changing because Nicole worked with me to realize that I do have the power to change my own life and go after anything that I want.


My tough as nails immigrant parents taught me to handle my own problems, so even though the weight of my own world left me sobbing daily, I punted. I told myself that I should be grateful just to live my cushy life. The heaviness I felt in my chest was telling me something, and I'm grateful to Nicole for nudging me to take action. Months later and hours of introspecting, laughing and crying with a group of fellow women born to immigrant parents vis a vis Living Bravely, and I'm feeling more steady in my footing. To have been able to voice my deepest traumas in a [Zoom] room full of women who fully empathized with me has been deeply healing. Self actualization is a lifelong journey, but to feel a little less alone in the process because of my Living Bravely sisters is a true gift.


Living Bravely taught me that being brave doesn't mean taking action without fear, it means having the conviction to move forward in spite of fear. This program supported me in knowing myself more authentically, exploring the possibility of the future, and reframing my learned belief systems. Growing and healing with other women of color in such a tender space truly helped me see my own power.


Nicole is the mother of holding space. After an initial discovery call with her, I immediately felt the pull of trust from her presence and her work. Her awareness in shifts of energy and deep understanding of the work we're all called to do in this program is potent! Without placing judgment or assumption of you, she gently pushes you to excavate the in between moments of inquiry so that you realize your own strength in self-actualization and emotional attunement. Even if you show up so tangled, there's an aching patience from her that's supporting your growth.


Living Bravely became more than a life coaching program for me. It was a safe and supportive community for WOC like myself, which is so rare. I did not expect myself to be so open and vulnerable in a group setting, yet Nicole does such a fantastic job at creating an honest, empathetic, and nurturing environment. I enjoyed meeting and connecting with other WOC and realizing we all faced very similar struggles. It was much-needed at a time when we were all physically distant and when I was actively moving out of survival mode. While I am still a work in progress (and always will be!), the program has given me a valuable toolkit that continues to help me navigate change and uncertainty.

Most importantly, I've learned to cultivate trust in myself and my decision-making, which is the biggest shift I've noticed since starting the program. I've constantly sung praises about Nicole and Living Bravely, and I've recommended her to other WOC in my life!


I loved the way Nicole organized the explorations and we touched on nearly every topic I needed coaching on ...and more! All of our calls were full of lessons and "aha!" moments and I appreciated the energy exchanges between everyone. It was a safe space to be vulnerable and to grow into who we want to be. During and after the program, I felt like I could dream bigger and live more authentically. I felt like the program found me at the perfect time and I'm so grateful for Nicole's guidance, patience, and sense of humor as we work through heavy topics! It was truly a monumental experience for me.


It has been amazing to experience the continued benefits from the Living Bravely program. I am able to get deep with my thoughts and feelings now, especially when they are not positive, and use what I learned in the program to help me understand the sources of my thoughts better and decide to keep them or to take action to shift them. Also, I get so excited when I see the other women from my coaching group support each other and support me. It feels extra special when we lift each other up because we have seen each other's vulnerable and hard moments - which reaffirmed all of our worth and our humanity and that has been such a beautiful thing.


Nicole talked me through my belief systems with such compassion. She also gave me suggestions on how to start to change my belief systems and also gave me an action item (which I hated and dreaded) to push me forward. I remember leaving that session invigorated and ready to tackle the world. At the end, I felt like a different person. Let’s face it, outward success is easy to identify but working on your belief systems and breaking them down is no easy feat. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I couldn’t have done any of that inner work without Nicole cheering me on and helped me take the actions I am taking today. 


Before working with Nicole, I felt like there was "something more" out there but I couldn't figure out what it was or how to reach the goal. I knew the relationships I had weren't fulfilling for me and I wanted to work on my mindset around those to nurture relationships that really made me feel good. Through the Living Bravely program I not only learned how to set boundaries, advocate for myself, and speak-up, I also learned how to appreciate my cultural background more and how that plays into my own self-love.

I've never worked with a life coach who wasn't white and going through this program with other womxn of color has been SO eye-opening to put words to the feelings I've always felt but never understood.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is currently feeling 'stuck' and know they need the tools to trust themselves fully!