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Speaker & Life Coach for 1st & 2nd Generation Immigrants of Color

Move past survival beliefs to

thrive, unapologetically.

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Life Coach for 1st & 2nd Generation Immigrants of Color

Move past survival beliefs to

thrive, unapologetically.

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Culturally-sensitive & trauma-informed Coaching

We consider your lived experience as an immigrant or daughter of immigrants in our coaching. We understand the unique and nuanced ways you have had to navigate a white-dominant world and cultural upbringing that sometimes comes into conflict with each other. We want to honor our ancestors and elders’ survival while supporting you to break generational cycles that no longer serve you or your lineage.

Hi, I’m Nicole.

I Help 1st & 2nd Generation Immigrants Step Into Their Power & Possibility, Unapologetically.

I empower immigrants and immigrant descendants to own their value, get clarity on their vision for their lives, and take empowered action towards their goals.


Are you tired of holding yourself back?

You inherited a set of beliefs from generations before you that conditions you to blend in, stay small, and please others…because this is the behavior that was needed to survive.

But those survival beliefs don’t serve you anymore.

You’ve been taught to follow the safe and secure route, but it’s not what you want for yourself.

You dedicated yourself to being a “good daughter” but now that’s getting in the way of being great.

You know there’s something amazing within you but your fear and doubt stop you from unleashing it.

Join a community of fellow WOC who are the first in their family to live a life by their design

Private Coaching

1:1 coaching for leaders and change makers looking to embrace their full identities and bring impactful change in the world.

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Living Bravely Group Coaching

Our signature group coaching program supporting women and non-binary individuals on their self-liberation journeys.

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Exploration Self-Study

A self-paced course tailored for immigrants and immigrant descendants charting their own path from survival.

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Client Testimonials

Nicole’s coaching came at the most perfect moment. I was at a crossroads between being stuck in my old way of thinking and being the amazing Marie I can be. I needed a little push and support to break through that. Her advice, support and exercises gave me so much clarity to move past the negative thinking to embrace and attain more possibilities. It’s the baby steps of “Showing up” or “putting on those shoes” that have made the biggest impact in such a short amount of time.

Professional Baker, Educator
Nicole helped me through a very trying moment of my career and continues to do so with her guidance and words of encouragement. As a first generation woman of color, it means so much that Nicole knows first hand the challenges that are unique to our community and can speak and share advice from a place of true understanding. The journey to find and achieve your passions can be difficult, primarily because we get in our own way. Nicole helps change your perceptions of yourself and situations, which I believe leads to life opening up to you (it has for me!). Thank you Nicole, you are awesome

Sustainable Fashion Stylist
“Nicole’s coaching has allowed me to understand and accept myself unapologetically in every way. Because of this program, I feel POWERFUL in being able to confidently speak my mind, and take action on my goals.”

Jeanelle C.
Marketing Strategist

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